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World Archived


"World Archived" is a blog which addresses global issues and their history, the insights of conflicts that the world has faced or is still facing, which generally the mainstream media or the textbooks don't cover or cover partially.


The world has gone through a lot and still suffers but what happens is as time passes we just move on and these topics fade away, we don't realise that the aftermath still affects people. We don't understand that our history, our past are the roots of our future. They make us what we are. If we don't know our world's history then how will we shape our future? It helps us to correct the mistakes that we are about to make as we know what were the consequences for similar decisions made in the past. No text books on history or general knowledge cover these global topics for reasons unknown. Here on this website I'll be addressing such global topics. I am 20 and have no political views nor I am linked to any political organization. My posts are not intended to hurt anyone's feelings, these aren't funded by the government or any other organisations. These are purely facts collected by me online and through written media such as newspapers, books and other online available articles. The facts are thoroughly rechecked by me. Though if I miss something or if you feel there are things that need to be altered or they could be presented in a better way then your suggestions are always welcome. You can reach me through my "World Archived" social media handles on Instagram and Twitter. If you like my posts and want to be updated, then you can follow my social media handles on Instagram and Twitter for updates.

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